Manufacturing and installing steel constructions

We manufacture and install various steel constructions. In addition, we manufacture, assemble and repair mechanical equipment. We can also replace damaged or worn parts. If necessary, we will inspect steel constructions or mechanical equipment on location and give an estimated price and manufacturing time.


Our company offers welding services for steel and stainless steel materials. We are specialised in welding steel constructions and heavy equipment, utilizing MIG/MAG and MMA processes in compliance with ISO 9606 standard.  Our personnel and welding processes are certified, including welding inspection.

Metal processing

We offer following metal processing services:

Plate shearing – Up to 12 mm thick mild steel, cutting length up to 3000 mm.
CNC plasma cutting – Up to  12 mm  thick mild steel and up to 10 mm thick stainless steel cutting. Cutting table size 1500×3000 mm.
CNC gas cutting – Up to 100mm thickness. Cutting table size 1500×3000 mm.
CNC press brake – Up to 10 mm thick mild steel bending. Maximum bending length – 3000 mm. Press brake tonnage – 120.
Sheet rolling – Up to 10 mm thickness and 3000 mm length.
Drilling – Holes up to 40 mm.
Turning – Up to 400 mm diameter and 1500 mm length.
Sawing –  Profiles up to 260 mm diameter.
Profile rolling – Profiles up to 60 mm diameter.